Two years ago I discovered podcasts and fell in love with the medium. One of my favorite parts of the day prior to my work leave was my morning half hour commute, drinking my coffee and listening to a podcast. Now that I’m home, I might put one on if I’m going to be doing a longer drive, while I’m cooking or in the evenings after the kids have gone to sleep. I usually listen to 4 to 5 a week, and I wanted to share here a couple of my favorites from the past few weeks.


“Design Matters with Debbie Millman” (Feb 27) | Sam Winston

I recently purchased Sam Winston and Oliver Jeffers book A Child of Books for my children. They were fascinated by the beautiful images consisting of illustrations and type. A Child of Books recently won the Bologna Ragazzi Award for Fiction. In this podcast Sam Winston shares stories about his childhood, how he came to his love and obsession of typography, and the process of creating the book with Oliver Jeffers. Sam Winston’s website is also a great space where you can look closer at his artwork which is unique and powerful.

“The Tim Ferriss Show” (#231) | How to Be Creative Like a Motherf*cker –  Cheryl Strayed

I can’t say that I loved Wild as so many others, though I did enjoy it and appreciated the powerful message of her journey. This interview of Cheryl Strayed was really interesting. She talks about the act of writing, being creative, and some of her life history. I found her to be incredibly articulate and thoughtful. She also shares some fun writing prompts she uses with her students which may be neat to try.

“Pardon My French with Garance Doré” Sep, 29, 2016) | Looking Back to Look Forward

This is a light podcast where Garance Doré reflects on the last 10 years of her blog. She answers questions and shares lessons learned. I love her light hearted and honest answers. Her blog is a beautiful, inspirational space which explores fashion, design, style and beauty.



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